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March 06, 2010

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Tongass Historical Society & The Ketchikan Museum Department will present postcard images of Ketchikan in the early 1900s. The photographs taken by Ketchikan photographer David Nicoll, will be the subject of a free multi-media program at the Ted Ferry Civic Center on Wednesday, April 10th at 7:00 pm.. Dozens of vintage photos from the collections of the Tongass Historical Society and the Ketchikan Museum Department will recreate the mood and feel of the community almost 100 years ago. The images presented will range from townscapes to the comings and goings of ships and boats on the waterfront. All were printed on postcards for sale to tourists and proud local residents.

The second decade of the 20th century was a particularly lively period in Ketchikan history. Already established as one of Alaska's most important commercial centers, the town was still expanding. Concrete commercial buildings (among the first in Alaska) were going up downtown. Impressive residences were being built, and sparsely settled areas were becoming neighborhoods. By the end of the decade, Ketchikan was the most populous community in the Territory.

David Nicoll, a prospector, downtown property owner, and projectionist at the Dream Theatre, was active as a photographer during these years. His postcards, for him just a sideline, now constitute one of the best visual records of a significant era in Ketchikan's past.

Ketchikan 1912-1918 is one of a series of public historical programs presented by the Tongass Historical Society and the City of Ketchikan Museum Department. Everyone is welcome to attend. Admission is free.


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