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What Your Community Is Doing: Neighborhood Watch
By Jessi Chapman


March 02, 2010

jpg Jessi Chapman

Jessi Chapman

Ketchikan, Alaska - Ketchikan Police Chief Ed Talik, Deputy Chief Josh Dossett, State Trooper Captain Ludwig and a group of concerned citizens met recently to discuss launching Neighborhood Watch within the boundaries of Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Chief Talik and Captain Ludwig both have been involved with the Neighborhood Watch program in other communities and they bring a wide range of experience and information about this program to Ketchikan.

Neighborhood Watch is just that -- neighbor watching out for neighbor. To belong to a Watch group, it just takes alertness of what and who is in your neighborhood, what neighbor is gone and keeping an eye on his or her home and property. Neighbors would be looking out for each other as a family, tribe or community group. It is often quoted that it takes a community to raise a child. As neighbors using Neighborhood Watch, community members can watch out for each others' children and ensure a safer place for all of Ketchikan's children.

Neighborhood Watch is reported to stop vandalism, drug dealing and burglaries in a neighborhood where Neighborhood Watch is active. Crime moves on to places that have no watch. If you would like to help make Ketchikan a place where drug dealing, vandalism, and crime in general is not tolerated, you are invited to join the efforts to establish a Neighborhood Watch.

How do you start a Neighborhood Watch group? The Ketchikan Police Department has information available on the web.Gather together a group of interested neighbors then talk to Police Chief Talik (225-6631) or Captain Ludwig (225-5118). They will help you set up a neighborhood meeting where they can explain how the program works. Contact Pat Chapman at 617-5704 to find out what the citizens group is doing and how you can help.


On the Web:

Ketchikan Police Department - Neighborhood Watch Information


Author Jessi Chapman was inspired by her participation in the "Enough is Enough-a Community Conversation" meeting held on January 12, 2010. Her column will acknowledge efforts made by individuals and groups of citizens who are working to make Ketchikan a better place to live. Chapman is a member of the Enough is Enough Citizens Committee
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