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Sealaska Lands Bill
By Mike Brown


March 29, 2010

Murkowski lies when she speaks of the need for the Sealaska CORPORATION to be allowed to reneg on a legal CONTRACT that they drew up, and pick lands outside the AGREED upon area they chose in the 1970's.

She ignores the damage Sealaska has traditionally done to the environment by logging right to the bank of the rivers and creeks. She ignores the damage this bill will cause to the lands and the people that live in remote communities that were legally PURCHASED from the Alaska Government.

The State of Alaska encouraged people to expand outward and settle in these small communities, and then slaps the people who took the state at their word. Murkowski dishonors the real native people when she alludes that the fat-cats that run Sealaska will actually do something to create a benefit for the native peoples. The select few that run Sealaska will reap huge rewards on the backs of the people they pretend to represent.

Anyone that reads the paper will read that Murkowski only wants to give Sealaska the land it rightfully has coming. She usually "forgets" to mention the fact that the new choices are outside the CONTRACT areas, are already built up with roads paid for by TAXPAYERS, and are going to devastate the communities that rely on the unspoiled resources to survive. The betrayal to the people that took the state at it's word is disgusting, and the issue of the already constructed roads amounts to misappropriation of public funds.

Murkowski needs to find a different way to repay the Sealaska Corp for getting her elected.

Just my opinion, and I am nothing but a disgusted voter.

Mike Brown
Edna Bay, AK

About: " Edna Bay land OWNER, Retired Coast Guard, Republican, believes in right and wrong. Disabled and depends on fish and game for survival."

Received March 26, 2009 - Published March 29, 2010


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