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Permits for Yellow Taxi
By Shane Sooter


March 24, 2010

Now, I must be honest, I was against the permit increase for the simple fact it would increase the competition between my fellow drivers and the other two companies, but with the comments made at the Ketchikan City Council meeting last Thursday, I have had a mind change.

I have been a Yellow Taxi driver in Ketchikan for 13 years, and I'm disappointed in the recent council decision to block Mr. Flora's company from expanding. I would be very up set and real mad towards the council if they kept me from expanding my company. That makes no sense at all !!

It's especially frustrating to see the council's complete unawareness regarding how important tourism is to us. Without the visitor industry there would essentially be no taxi industry. We barely survive each winter.

I don't understand why the council bought into Mr McDonald's wanting to prevent cabs from tourism (something we were doing long before there even were "Independent Tour Operators"). There should be enough taxis so that there is always a choice for visitors. They should walk up and see a bus AND a taxi, and let the rider chose. If the visitors see only busses and bus booths when they get off the boat, that means there are not enough taxis in service.

Also, I don't get why the council seems to think we have to be hopelessly behind and some sort of clown show before being allowed to expand.We are the only ones who know what the quality of our service should be.

Shane Sooter
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I have lived in Ketchikan for almost 30 yrs. I have been a Taxi driver for the last 13 yrs. I have also been involved in the tourist industry as a driver/guide back in the 80's."

Received March 23, 2009 - Published March 24, 2010


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