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Fawn Mountain
By Kay Jones


March 22, 2010
Monday PM

Dear Editor,

After years of waiting, planning and hoping the new turf field at Fawn Mountain is finally ready for Ketchikan to use and enjoy. It is going to make such a difference in the playing ability and experience for our soccer and football players. Our track and field participants now have beautiful track and field event place. This is a dream come true for many. Now it is up to all the folks of Ketchikan to work together and take care of this beautiful facility. This means NO DOGS! No exceptions. I love dogs as much as the average Ketchikan citizen (I have 3), but dogs will destroy the track and field. Their nails tear up the track and rubberized field surface. Urine will clog the drainage system and disintegrate the rubber pellets and I will avoid describing what dog poop does to fields. Not to mention it is just gross and unfair to our players as they come out to enjoy the new field.

There are other rules we will all have to follow to help maintain this field, such as no gum, no food or drinks (except water) and no wheeled items such as bikes, skateboards, roller skates etc. (wheelchairs not included) on the track and field, but DOGS will be the biggest no-no.

Thank you Ketchikan Gateway Borough assembly and staff for making this "field of dreams" happen. Thank you, to all those who started the ball rolling (no pun intended) so many years ago. Now not to sound greedy, let's get some turf on Dudley or Walker so the baseball and softball players have the same opportunity!

See you on the pitch!!

Kay Jones
Kayhi Lady Kings Soccer co-coach
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 17, 2009 - Published March 22, 2010



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