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Big thank you to Sitnews
By Sandy Powers


March 16, 2010

I just want to thank Sitnews for their lack of bias in running articles and letters which present various points of view, THANK YOU! Also for running a lot of user generated content, pictures, classified ads, etc. It is very encouraging that, while the local printed newspaper's content shows a marked bias, yours does not.

I am particularly thinking of the polarity that the current "hot" issue, Senate bill 881 is generating in SE Alaska. Hearings have been held all week in Prince of Wales communities with most people adamantly opposed to this legislation. I am told that at Petersburg and Sitka meetings the great majority of attendees were opposed as well, and rightly so as this bill would have devasting repercussions in so many ways to communities, businesses, and residents of SE. One of the biggest problems with this bill is the lack of media coverage which has resulted in a lack of public awareness, which is exactly what Sealaska and our congressional delegation would prefer. Obviously, now that more people are aware of this bill and what it would entail for SE Alaska, there are many concerns and growing opposition. Even the Juneau Empire has run many articles and news stories, expressing opinions on both sides of this issue. Readers comments at the end of these online articles further indicate the controversy this bill is generating. This is a disclosure and lively debate that should have been taking place from the time the very first version of this bill was introduced several years ago; however until now, the only communities that were truly aware of the ramifications of this legislation were the most affected towns of Point Baker, Port Protection, and Edna Bay. They vocally opposed this legislation, with countless phone calls, emails, letters, and community stance but, being small communities, were essentially ignored by Sealaska and the congressional delegation, and various predecessors of this bill continued to move forward year after year.

I have seen nothing in the Ketchikan Daily News covering the hearings on Prince of Wales this past week! An issue of this magnitude - and their silence speaks volumes. I did however see a viewpoint article by Lisa Murkowski and a big color Sealaska ad promoting their bill in yesterday's newspaper. A recent editorial regarding the scheduling of town meetings praised Senator Murkowski for seeking public input, even though she is not here to face her constituents personally on this issue that has so many gravely concerned for their futures. This is media bias and is discouraging to see, both in our congressional delegation and in our printed newspaper.

So again, thank you to Sitnews for your coverage and for running our letters without personal bias.

Sandy Powers
Ketchikan, AK

About: "35 year resident of SE Alaska who appreciates unbiased media coverage of important local issues."


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Received March 13, 2009 - Published March 16, 2010


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