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By Lois Morgan


March 16, 2010

There was once an old woman who had spent her whole life in the Great Forest. She was the daughter of a lumberman on the most southern edge of the Great Forest, she grew up benefiting from the beauty and purity of the nature around her and learned at an early age that the nature beings were much kinder then most humans; counting on the creatures of nature to soothe her when a human had abused her. She grew up wanting to go to Alaska, at the far north of the Great Forest, where there were alleged to be fewer humans as well as more pristine nature. When she met a man who wanted to go with her, she abandoned her studies and left with him on their grand adventure.

They did have adventures. And they had children. The Children learned to love and trust the beings of nature and to be wary of humans. The children grew and left home, having children, careers and adventures of their own. The old lovers were happy with their lives and the lives of their children. Life was good.

Enter The Corporation. The old folks had seen the rapacity of corporations. They had seen that corporations have more rights than even humans have, much more than any rights ceded for the creatures of nature. They had seen too that corporations have fewer responsibilities even than have humans, never mind expecting a corporation to be as reliable and responsible as a nature being. The old lovers hugged each other and wept.

Their neighbors near and far, fought the corporation righteously, the corporation used skullduggery and brute strength. The neighbors kept fighting the corporation any way; they were brave and their cause was good, and they took heart.

The old folks spoke together. They had seen so many corporate take-overs, against both people and nature; it was hard to think that they could make a difference this time either. The drama of the fight and the desolate feeling in their hearts made them sick. They were tired of fighting, they were tired of fleeing. They didn't know what to do.

They decided to ask Creator for guidance.

Creator said, "The most powerful thing you can do is to live in a state of gratitude, giving my angels and spirits the energy of your love and appreciation to use to the good. Hold in your minds eye the world you want and appreciate it already, so that it can be made manifest by my spirits and angels. Live each moment appreciating Me and My Works. Do not fear the creations of man, but fear the Creator of man."

They did as they were bade by their Maker; inviting the other people to join them in being supremely grateful for the Great Forest and the rich life they led and the richer more pristine life they imagined, both in and for the Great Forest.

Corporate greed versus God; who do you think won?

Lois Morgan
Edna Bay,, AK

Received March 16, 2009 - Published March 16, 2010


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