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By David G. Hanger


March 08, 2010

Mr. Jarvi keeps referring to these bills (plural) that I have not paid and I must confess you have one on me, because I am not familiar with any unpaid bills. I duly noted back in July I was late paying a bill, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with your allegations that I am not paying my bills. Where did you get that from? You have been carping so loudly about all these unpaid bills of mine, I invite you simply to provide the venders' names, the amounts of the bills, and copies of all of these invoices you keep saying I have not paid. Put up or shut up.

Interesting, isn't it, fellow Ketchikan residents, that someone who has nothing whatsoever to do with KPU is the lead agent in a character assassination campaign involving multiple individuals, all of whom parrot the same message? Just so you understand, the technique is a direct derivation from Joe Goebbels's propaganda machine: Tell a lie, tell a big lie; keep telling the lie, and before long the lie (at least in the mind of the average monkey) is fact. It's all diversion. Kill the messenger, ignore the message.

Most likely you will find the fingers of Amylon, Abbott, or Cushing at the center of that particular issue. Before I address that, I must digress briefly to the "parrots." In my office I have accumulated a set of "first" stones, one for each of you. A "first" stone is a rather unusual thing, virtually Biblical, as in "Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone." In this instance we modify that old saw slightly, "Let he or she who has never been late paying a bill cast the first stone." Your "first" stones are standing by for you; just stop by and show us your pitching motion.

You see, when one person says something, one can generally assume that is their opinion. But when you have several individuals going off simultaneously with exactly the same message, the probability is very high that is an orchestrated campaign. I will certainly treat it as such. In that respect, "parrots," put up or shut up. Venders, amount of the bills, copies of the invoices. You have accused me in a public forum of not paying my bills. Being late paying a bill is fundamentally different from not paying one's bills. If you want to state publicly that you have never been late paying a bill, and that in your opinion anyone who is has to be a terrible person, then by all means make that statement. I doubt you will get much sympathy for your point of view, but you are certainly entitled to it.

Unless you are KPU employees or spouses thereof, one does have to wonder what your motivations are. In respect to the one KPU employee who is whining about me costing local jobs because of my position on this issue, I congratulate you for publishing even this nitpicking whine on Sitnews; you all seem to be frightened of your own shadows as a rule. Your complaint, unfortunately, is baseless. Abbott, Amylon, and Cushing are not from this town, nor are most of this worthless upper management. Nor have I bashed any local business. KPU is a government-owned bureaucracy run by bureaucrats; the fact that it is competing against the private sector, and pretending to be a business is a big part of the problem here.

Loan sharks are not business people; they are just loan sharks. Anyone who charges 500% to 700% interest is a loan shark, plain and simple. The reason the Better Business Bureaus are all so adamantly opposed to the "buying and selling of income tax refunds," which is all "overnight refunds" are, is because it is very simple to manipulate the amount of the refund. The most expedient method is to jack up the withholding rates on W4s or to jack up the estimated tax payments on 1040ES reports. That is a simple scam to pull off. Every year in my office we use these reports to try to pay in just enough to cover the liability. When someone gets a $20,000 refund, it is because business was not as good as expected. No other reason. In these loan shark's offices they will jack up those withholding amounts to jack up the refund at the end of the year, just so they can take a whole lot more of your money. They prey on the stupid. Making a virtue of your stupidity is a choice, but a ridiculous one.

Behind the scenes is a lot of talk about the "golden parachutes" these folks are anticipating as a result of the sale of the KPU telephone division. Amylon publicly is saying don't sell KPU telephone division, but behind the scenes a completely different message is heard. Apparently, we have a bunch of bureaucrats angling to get rich on a local vote. I think we need to fire all of them before the local vote.

Despite Jarvi and his "parrots" the real issue has never been David not paying his bills. If my bills were not attended to in a predictable fashion, I would not have been in business in this town these last almost 35 years. The real issue is KPU's willingness to bully its customers, to lie to other carriers, and to commit fraud, all with the intent of harrying a departing customer and to otherwise delay or prevent his departure, i.e. restraint of trade and violation of my civil rights. Thereafter, as is obvious, KPU is fully prepared to launch a campaign of deceit and innuendo, rather than deal with the facts and the truth of its own miscreant acts. The KPU manager has not in any sense dealt with this fraud; he has in fact condoned it, if not authorized it. For that he should be summarily fired. Since the KPU manager is also the city manager, it should be duly noted that we do not need such an individual as city manager. Karl Amylon has overstayed his welcome by many years, and after the fact we should review as a community whether or not we should ever again allow any such unelected official so much power for so long.

The character assassination campaign launched against me is a diversionary tactic intended to distract you from the real issues of what is going on with KPU telephone division. The telephone division has been run into the ground by its current management team, and now this management team looks to profit from the sale of KPU telephone division via golden parachutes. KPU telephone division should be sold; it's a mess; but fire this goon squad first.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 08, 2009 - Published March 08, 2010



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