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Customer Service
By Scott R. Davis


March 03, 2010

In 1989 I popped a hole in my fuel tank. While the details of that particular incident aren't important, what happened after that is.

I remember the day vividly. It was a beautiful Sunday morning - Easter Sunday morning to be exact. My fuel company at the time was Anderes Oil Company. Frantic, I called the number on my fuel tank (which by the way only 5 numbers) and was not surprised at the answering machine picking up the line. After all it was Easter. Knowing I was probably stranded with it being a holiday and all I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out a plan to off load nearly 300 gallons of fuel oil from a fuel tank that would have to be repaired the following day. Why only 10 minutes? Well, I can explain

Not 10 minutes later, Mr. Anderes drove up to my house on Deermount with a flatbed truck, 6 empty drums, and a fuel pump. On Easter Sunday! To say the least, I was extremely grateful and would have been happy to pay the bill, whatever the cost - that never came. Nice.

Recently, I have once again been impressed with the same customer service at Anderes. I am always met at the front counter with a happy smile and a "can I help you?" And quite recently I went in to find a burning barrel. I could barely hop out of the truck when Chris asked how he could help. I barely got the words "I need a burning barrel" when he was rolling one from behind somewhere! All I know is he was fast and asked if I needed holes in it nice! Chris quickly punched holes in the tank and loaded it in the back of my truck. Nice. He also cautioned me on the sharp edges at the top ring. Wow. Nice again!

From the front counter, to the employees and management I continue to enjoy the way I am treated when conducting business there.

As I told Mr. Anderes way back in 1989, "As long as I am in Ketchikan, you will have me as a customer".
I stand by that promise.


Scott R. Davis
Resident and customer for 29 years
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 02, 2009 - Published March 03, 2010



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