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Re: The Mayor Responds
By Ken Bylund


March 31, 2009

Thank you for your response to Mr. Dial's, Questions for the Mayor, and clarification as to where you stand on these issues. I'm certain that everyone in this Borough would like to have that new library, a new heated swimming pool, and performing arts center [aka tourist restrooms], and skateboard park... etc., we really do. We want our citizens to enjoy all the pleasures of a prosperous and vibrant city/state.

Our concern is that this potential list of legal contracts, signed in our name, becomes the next destruction of wealth and waste that leads to the downward spiral of our future; that our ability to pay for these super-expensive capital projects takes us into a collective foreclosure and bankruptcy. "Dark thoughts?" Looking out for, and avoiding what can destroy us, is what leaders do.

The Schoenbar debacle [and Ward Cove Veneer Plant] should be analyzed by forensic accountants to see what really happened. That exploration into those histories that turns out badly, is what successful businesses do to incorporate "lessons learned" so that we don't get burned again. Was anyone looking at these projects... anyone awake? Yawn. Still recommend you read 'The Upside' by Adrian J. Slywotzky', maybe.... the library?

Today... GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, AIG, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC... etc., the world economy is in that collective financial toilet, circling the drain. Significant blame goes to cumbersome and sleepy eyed Government officialdom... SEC, Congress, Business, big and small, etc., weren't paying attention as crooks, fools and lobbyists were living large, spending taxpayers hard earned wealth... and now burning through borrowed or freshly printed money. If the strategy is to spend tons of cash [ones and zeros] for big projects because it will soon be realized that it[$] worthless... maybe politicians are on to something. Cunning -- but decidedly immoral and treacherous.

As property owners in the borough we are/will be paying for;

1. LAND & IMPROVEMENTS 6.8 mils/1000 assessed value.
2. LIBRARY 0.8 mils/1000 assessed value
3. N. TONGASS FIRE & EMS 1.7 mils/1000 assessed value + [$100 ANNUAL FEE?]

5. NEW LIBRARY TAX [FEE?] $__________ ?
9. PARKING GARAGE TAX [FEE?] $____________?

Is this the end of the list? But wait... ENERGY? Oh, that's regional... what?? Find a palatable way to pay for these projects and you'll have our nod!

What say we put a giant steel box in town next to that bronze statue; we all vote by dropping folding money in the slot every time we walk by... when the box has fifty-million-dollars in it -- you build that swimming pool, and new library. A vote, a very fair vote, that will shine some clarity, some perspective on the magnitude of this issue.

Ken Bylund
North Point Higgins
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 31, 2009 - Published March 30, 2009


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