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Up to here with...well I simply can't say.
By Marina Keirn


March 30, 2009

In response to the "dog poop" concern: I too am disgusted with the various "piles" deposited around town.

The city park is a place meant for residents and their children to enjoy. On vacation last Summer we visited some beautiful parks and had wonderful picnics with our children who would run and roll on the grass without concern for steamrolling something that would linger and horrify! You cannot do that at our beautiful city park and I don't think it is because they don't want to lean over and pick it up. There are bags supplied for that purpose alone and still, dog poop everywhere.

No, this is worse. I think the owners simply don't know where their dogs are pooping because they let them out to do their business wherever the dog chooses. No human supervision at all. I see the dogs roaming around the neighborhood and city park and then sitting on their front stoop waiting to be let back inside. No leash toting human in view!

Another area that is filled with dog poop is the Grant street playground. Goodness, it's a playground where children really are meant to run and play and even fall. The playground also has bags and receptacles for dog owners to use but as I said, I don't think any human is present to pick it up.

Has anybody read why most dog leash laws came into effect? Because of the spread of parasites to humans!

Marina Keirn
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 20, 2009 - Published March 30, 2009


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