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By David G. Hanger


March 30, 2009

Escalation is wise only when you know you have a winning hand, so let this serve as warning to you AMHS employees who have been spying for your tax-cheating guru, Martin A. Kapp, that not only are you playing a very bad hand, you are also playing a very dumb one. If you want my address so you can get Marty Kapp to jump all over me with his threats of lawsuits, etc., rather than crawling around in the night and getting it wrong, you could simply ask. But no, just like your guru, you crawl around in the mud and hide from the light.

Problem with all of this is that instead of a request to the Governor to clean up your act, which she might have chosen to ignore, now you have provided evidence directly to the point I made in my letter to the Governor that AMHS employees have "conspired systematically to degrade and shun any individual or group of individuals who has advised them to change their conduct." And that, of course, has opened the Pandora's Box wide open. Now you have folks all over the country involved in this, and none of them are out to do you a favor. A case in point, so far as I know the IRS has not yet cracked open this crap over ten years; they have accepted the three years of amended returns that have been compelled to clean up this fraud. The IRS is not limited to that action, and working for Martin A. Kapp might just aggravate them enough.

Understand this very clearly: Martin A. Kapp is not a popular individual in this profession, and he is in good standing only with his imagination.

Now your spying efforts have resulted in Marty Kapp's demand that I apologize and forward a retraction to all sources to whom this letter was presented, or I will be sued immediately. I am terribly intimidated by the man's threats, so herewith:

Letter to Governor Sarah Palin
Letter to Sen. Bert Stedman

I have heard that as many as 70% to 90% of ferry employees have been involved in this scam. I don't know how many it is, but I know there are a lot of you. Your intimidation tactics are not going to work in this instance. This is not a disagreement about what some esoteric tax law means, albeit Martin A. Kapp might want you to think that way. The law in this case is clear. It's simple stuff. All these internet sites asserting special expertise in tax matters relating to transportation workers are nonsense. What's involved in calculating a travel deduction is basic tax accounting, always has been.

I allege that he scammed the government, and he scammed you; and I allege you scammed the government, too; insisted on believing that you could legally write off what your employer, the government, paid for. These scam operations are all being shut down, and Martin A. Kapp is right at the top of the list. String with Marty, and you're stringing with a loser.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

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Received March 20, 2009 - Published March 30, 2009


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