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Global Warming
By Charlotte Tanner


March 22, 2009
Sunday PM

Carl Gatto states " "Global warmers" also predict no more agriculture in California, and in ten years the oceans will be toxic and all life could die. And yet, we're halfway to the much-feared "doubling of CO2" in the atmosphere, and none of these disasters has even begun to appear".

I don't know whether global warming is taking place, and if it is, whether humans are responsible or not, but I do know that many of the above disasters are appearing. Has Mr. Gatto forgotten about Hurricane Ike, Katrina, and the predication that hurricanes are to become more frequent and devastating (this prediction being made by meteorologists btw)? Does he not know that California is now, and has been for several years suffering from an incredible drought, and that a lot of the produce we eat is NOT produced in California? Has he already forgotten that a good part of California was on fire recently? Has he ever been on the ocean and seen the mile long rafts of discarded plastic junk floating? He appears to be kind of oblivious to the disasters that are occurring, maybe he should read the news once in awhile, or better yet, take a trip outside of Palmer, AK.

Charlotte Tanner
Ketchikan, AK

About: "longtime Alaskan resident"

Received March 19, 2009 - Published March 22, 2009


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