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Dog poop on the sidewalks - GROSS!!!
By Carrie Mueller


March 17, 2009

I would like to confront dog owners in downtown Ketchikan. Since I never actually see them when it counts, I will hopefully reach all of you inconsiderate, so called "dog owners" here.

I live here and walk our sidewalks every day. I should not have to dodge dog poo every other step. How hard is it to carry a plastic bag in your pocket and PICK IT UP!!!??? Almost daily there is dog poo on the front sidewalk of the Mary Frances Towers and it is always stepped in and taken inside the building. I don't want it ending up in MY HOME!! I have a small child and I don't need your dog defecating where he walks!!! I constantly have to push my stroller in the street to avoid rolling it through a great big pile of your dog's dung. Take him/her off of the sidewalk or to a lot somewhere and let it do its business there. Please have some consideration for others walking in our beautiful town. This is just plain DISGUSTING!!! Think about it, please.

Carrie Mueller
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 17, 2009 - Published March 17, 2009


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