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Another link to Mainland
By Al Johnson


March 05, 2009

Dear Editor,

Charles Schill submitted the following while reviewing contour maps of our area. Excerpt quote: "There is no way in the world we are going to see a road through MFNMW. And the cost would be 1000 times the bridge to Gravina."

I submit that if Mr. Schill could view his maps that reflect the Tyee power line corridor from Anchor Point (Behm Canal) across the Cleveland peninsula to the Bradford Cannel,South East of Wrangell and location of the Tyee Power intertie at Tyee Lake, he can venture across the head of Bradford Canal and know that about 25 years ago, Sykes Logging had punched logging roads within a dozen miles from the Canadian border. Those logging road beds exist to day.

Approximately within an additional dozen of miles, from the Canadian side of that border, there is access to Canadian power grids. By accessing this route for power generation connection to the current Canadian power grid, a byproduct of any road access made in that endeavor will provide the initial access to Canadian highways. In effect you obtain a "Two For" situation, access to steady power source and road access to the mainland highway net work.

In all of this you avoid Misty Fjord.

Might I add that if you view the river courses for the following rivers, The Taku (Juneau) the Stikine/Bradford (Wrangell) and the Unuk/Chicamin (Ketchikan), they all converge towards a common central area of Canadian. The middle area of which is above the head of the Bradfield river basin. The natural lay of this convergence encourages seeking economic access to saltwater in the Bradfield area.

My point is that the process of opening up access to the main land is being made via the transmission of power demands. Converting the access across the Cleveland Peninsula from Arial access to road surface to Tyee and continuing road construction to the prior logging roads that still exist as a connection factor. With less than 50 miles of additional road construction from the end of the existing Bradfield logging roads will gain the access to the Main land.

Look at the bonus of this: New logging opportunity, year around access to our Tyee power line distribution, access to potential mineral exploration and development. Encourage the transportation of mineral extraction within Canada too deep water shipping access in the Bradfield Cannel, access the transmission of our excess power to the Canadian power grid or the receipt of lower cost power from the Canadian power grid for South East Alaska communities.

Thank you Charles, I hadn't thought of this power generation/outside access solution for some months.

Where is Bluewater, Sumner Straight (Strait)? I have Lived here all my life, never heard of this location.

Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "An old fellow that would like to die like my Grandfather, asleep. Not like the screaming passengers in the car."

Received March 05, 2009 - Published March 05, 2009


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