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By Leonard Dobrzyn


March 04, 2009
Wednesday PM

One famous American put it as best as it can be... Why would you want to surrender or give back rights that your forefathers fought and shed blood to uphold and provide for you? Australia recently passed these similar measures. Rape is up, break in's are up, murder is up, and homes remain unprotected because a man cannot blow away some dirty low life druggie that breaks into his home to do him and his family harm!

What is wrong with this picture! Oh yes, I can see it now when a burglar or rapist breaks into my home! "Wait a minute Mr. Rapist... don't penetrate my wife until I take the gun lock off my 45 and load it!!" NO WAY NOT ME!!!! YOU ARE DEAD!!!!

How ridiculous!!! And furthermore, our forefathers have given us the right to bare arms not only to protect our homes, but to also uphold the Constitution! Many people in our country including the one world government people would love to turn us from Capitalists to Communits. My friends, if they want Communism, let them move to China or North Korea. WE THE PEOPLE have the right to protect our country, and should it come to this point where they attempt to overthrow our government, our Constitution provides for us to overturn this government. That is where the right to bare arms is most effective and necessary! Now, let me ask you all a question.... How the hell are you going to do that if you do not have arms to do it, especially staring down the barrel of 50 cal.

If you think my points are radical, take a look at our government today! If our system collapses, where is your government going to be?? Who is going to protect your family in a total anarchy situation? Not the government, that's for damn sure! And frankly, the ONLY REASON why we have not seen other countries attacking the U.S. or forces within the government themselves is because there are loaded guns in most of the homes in the UNITED STATES! I don't know about you, but like the actor, they will have to pry my guns from my cold clammy fingers.

Leonard Dobrzyn
Peckville, PA

About: "Advid law abiding gun owner and sportsman. Patriot and protector of the Constitution. ACTIVE NRA member."

Received March 03, 2009 - Published March 04, 2009



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