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By David G. Hanger


March 04, 2009
Wednesday PM

The stock market has broken through the 8000 barrier, going south. Like the Nenana Ice Classic one can bet where ultimately it will fall, but net zero is not impossible.

Let us use a simple example. I have a product I bought for $10 that I sell to you for $20, which in turn is resold several times over, each time for an extra $10, i.e. first sale to me, $10; second sale $20; third sale $30; fourth sale $40; fifth sale $50; sixth sale $60. The trick: I collect a $2 commission on every sale. The real value of the product is $10, not $60, so the flipping has only reduced the value of the money in the hands of all but the first tier investors, massive inflation. After five transactions I have collected $10 in commissions, plus I sold the product for $10 more than I bought it, so I have profited on this scam a total of $20. Not only have I ripped all the real wealth from the system, but I have also provided myself with a 100% cushion to cover inflationary pressures. I claim to the world that I am but an honest businessman, doing what any number of honest business people are doing. I even insist on bonuses and retention allowances using bailout funds when the scam blows up in my face. It's not my fault; I didn't know. I'm shocked, shocked, at what has happened. In point of fact, in this example, I am the dirtbag, lying crook that made it all happen. I stripped all the real wealth from the system, left all of you holding a big empty bag, then shrugged my shoulders in contempt at all you peons, and went back immediately to slopping at your trough. And I did all of this intentionally.

Just so you get it, this stuff has been in the trades for four years. The week when the meltdown would begin was forecast and announced almost two years before the event. By summer 2007 everybody in this business who bothers to read anything knew the crash would begin in August 2008; even knew what week in August it would begin. I have an article on my door written in December 2007 by T.R. Fehrenbach that describes the then oncoming event. T.R. Fehrenbach, perhaps unknown to you, is among our great living historians.

So when the Permanent Fund managers or your stockbroker claim this came as a surprise to them, do understand they are either lying through their teeth, are grossly incompetent, or both. In either instance, sue the hell out of them.

For all members of the middle class the only investment for the next five years that makes any sense is FDIC insured. Certificates of deposit mean someone takes your money and pretends to be a competent investor, and spends it. The kicker is if the jerk loses it all, in this instance and only in this instance does the government pay you back, instead of the dirtbag who lost all the money.

Why is it that the rich bastards hate their country so much they would foul it with their putrid filth to this extent? There are no patriots among the rich; just whores.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 04, 2009 - Published March 04, 2009


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