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The Bridge
By Chuck Saunders


March 24, 2008
Monday PM

The first time I ever heard of "the bridge" was when it hit national news due to the cost. Having visited Ketchikan several times now, I think I understand the need for "the bridge".

If the airport were to move to the city side of the community, what would be torn down and redeveloped for the new airport? That would require a lot of land that is already developed and hopefully occupied. The net result would also be that Gravina Island would not have the opportunity to be developed, which seems like the likely issue at the root of "the bridge" issue.

I'm sure there are folks who would agree that keeping Gravina undeveloped would be a good thing. I'm not here to say one way or the other whether developing Gravina Island is good or bad, cause I don't live in Ketchikan, and can't understand all the issues that there may be.

I do have a question about the type of bridge that folks want to build. Why is a draw bridge not an option? My understanding is that a draw bridge won't work. Why?

To answer the original question from Mr Mackie, the local and state government is likely wanting to "grow and expand" the tax base as the opportunity for small as well as big business. That is why moving the airport to the "city" side of the community, won't ever work. It would mean taking away valuable, already developed property, and giving it back to the Federal Government. Are the Feds the folks you want to give more too??? Aren't they taking enough now??

I'm not sure how the Ketchikan and Alaska community ever solves "the bridge" issue, but it likely will rage for many more years.

In closing, I just want to say "THANK YOU" for having such a beautiful piece of nature and working to balance development with the beauty that will be destroyed with development. You live in a gorgeous part of the world!!!! I love coming to Ketchikan and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the "lower 48", even if it is for just a few days a year.

Chuck Saunders
Mount Juliet, TN

About: "I am a visitor to your great state who comes to take part in the sport fishing trade. I was hooked on my first visit 3 yrs ago, and have booked my flight to come again this year. Ketchikan and the surrounding area are amazing in their beauty and serenity. Please don't ever let that go away!!!!"


Received March 23, 2008 - Published March 24, 2008

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