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By R.K. Rice


March 17, 2008
Monday PM

Our household has received our first application for our "stimulus payment" from the IRS. This year the federal deficit is projected to be only $163 billion. So far this decade the total deficit is over 1 trillion dollars. That is money that we borrow from various lenders around the world and largely the Chinese. The taxpayers pay the interest on these loans. As we are currently in a deficit spending year, this means we must borrow the $180 billion or so that the federal government is sending out to placate the US taxpayers.

I really believe "borrow and spend" is very unfair to our children, grandchildren, as they will have to pay the interest on these loans for probably all of their lives also.

People who are having a desperate time trying to keep warm and fed in the face of these astronomical energy prices, certainly need this loan to keep going. I could always use an extra $600-1200 bucks, but in good conscience I will not apply for this loan from the Chinese that my children and grandchildren will burdened with.


R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Pay my own way Democrat"

Received March 16, 2008 - Published March 17, 2008


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