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Kink Arm Bridge
By Jerilyn Lester


March 17, 2008
Monday PM

Your loyalty is admirable for someone here for such a short time. What do you think a bridge to and across the two islands next to Ketchikan would do? It would allow us to get to and from our airport without having to wait for the ferry; it would allow us to access land and development on Gravina Island and Pennock Island as well. I do know that some think we don't need to develop that land and some think the only reason for this bridge is to make sure that the former Governor can get to his land, but 30 years ago we were promised the bridge to allow us to get to our airport, Ketchikan International Airport, to be more precise.

Now if you want to discuss growth or the lack of it we can do that because given the chance I am sure that some businesses would be more than happy to develop and flourish over there. But since Governor Palin stole the 235 million dollars that was allocated for that bridge to build your Knik Arm Bridge that probably isn't going to happen.

Did you notice that as soon as the earmarks were removed that $199 million was gone? For what? We still don't know. So before you start talking about something you don't know all the ins and outs about ,do your homework. OK?? You have not almost missed the plane to your Mom's funeral because the weather was on the verge of being bad enough to cancel the ferry, you can drive to your airport. You weren't sitting over at the airport just recently when the emergency vehicles had to wait for 25 minutes to get across to the airport because the ferry was on the other side and it wasn't time for the ferry to come back to this side, it has to stick to a schedule you know.

Think about those issues when you start spouting about who needs a bridge and who doesn't.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: "25 year resident of Ketchikan and surrounding area. "

Received March 17, 2008 - Published March 17, 2008


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