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RE: Real America
By David Ferrall


March 09, 2008

Just to let you know Mr. Harmon, I was born and raised in Ketchikan AK, ( 20+ years in SE Alaska). I also lived in Southern California for 6 years, and I'm very familiar with Mr. Neckameyer's neck of the woods, Orange County or land of the "Duke" as you seem to fawn all over it. I've also lived in other parts of this great country so I'm not sure if I could call myself a real "Brooklynite" but I do live in New York City.

Brooklyn is one of the 5 Boroughs of New York City, not sure if they teach that in civics class at Juneau-Douglas High (They sure do at Kayhi). And as far as Mark Neckameyer's well crafted tongue and cheek letter, I was just using some of his own humor (and words) to point out how pointless his negative and angry thoughts were that fuel most of his letters.

And for defending the Borough of Brooklyn I won't even waste my time, I mean you are from Juneau. Also in response to your back handed insults to area sports teams, I do live and work in New York City so I guess I can claim all its sports teams, so let's start with the 2008 Super Bowl Champion NY Giants!! Along with the other 30 plus area world championships that New York City can claim. So the next time you are vacationing around our great nation you might want to stop the motor home and learn about the real thoughts and concerns of hard working Americans families, not just the ones in Laguna Beach.

David Ferrall
Brooklyn, NY


Received March 07, 2008 - Published March 09, 2008


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