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By Mark Neckameyer


March 06, 2008
Thursday PM

I was just now watching TV showing "citizens" of Palestine romping and cheering in the streets, firing guns in the air celebrating that two of their extremist, going to heaven to get virgins, gunmen killed seven defenseless Israeli students. I know that not all extremists are Muslim but it sure seems like all Muslim nations, the adult men there anyway, can certainly be classed "extremist".

In Saudi Arabia they flog, stone and behead people for wearing the wrong kind of clothes. Indonesian Muslims regularly murder their ethnic Chinese countrymen, the madmen of Iran and Afghanistan are well known and even the Muslims in Africa; Kenya and Darfur delight in murder, mayhem and ethnic cleansing. Even in Pakistan daughters are murdered for not marrying the grooms chosen for them and many Muslim groups disfigure women by removing their sensitive female parts to ensure fidelity. The Iraqis, our buddies now, are just a decade or so away from poison gassing Kurds and tossing people into wood chippers.

I am reminded that when the Japanese in 1941 killed a thousand or so of our boys at Pearl Harbor we fire bombed their cities and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki ... We probably killed a couple million Japanese soldiers and civilians and they have behaved well ever since. If Israeli defense policy was up to me today I would obliterate every school K through college in Palestine. Don't they use Disney style characters to teach hate in their schools anyway? With my plan that would not be a concern any longer; no more schools, no more students, one generation of peace guaranteed. Today's abomination cannot go unpunished and the people out there in the streets celebrating have got to learn what war is really about.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California


Received March 06, 2008 - Published March 06, 2008


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