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Community's youth
By Eileen Small


March 06, 2008
Thursday PM

I am so glad my kids are grown and graduated!!! I shipped my final "baby" home to college in Houston this past year. I dealt with all these same problems: what to do with young adults in a boring climate, Kay-Hi and the total fiasco that Revilla has become, all the "same-old-same-old" for YEARS. Personally, I never found anyone in a position to make a solution who actually gave a damn - from mayors to school board and so on. I don't really see that anyone elected in this town cares --- though it does look nice to say you do on a campaign poster when one is running for a position in local government, huh?!!!

Sports are a wonderful "escape" for kids in this area and we, as adults, should know how very few "escapes" there are --- for anyone! There COULD BE many other worthwhile avenues for our young people here.

I think anyone with a good "sports" idea -- -or ANY OTHER idea to involve the young in our community in doing anything -- -(besides meth or oxy) --- should be encouraged to come forward and have full community support! This community could help our young if vibrant ideas rose to the top instead of being shot to the bottom prior to being given a chance!

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 03, 2008 - Published March 06, 2008


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