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Build the Bridge!
By Vanessa Nowland


March 04, 2008
Tuesday PM

I've read all the opinions about a bridge being built in Ketchikan, and boy are there a lot of them! I have a few questions for the people out there that are so against it and refer to our bridge as the "Bridge to Nowhere"

Let's take a look at some bridges in the lower 48 shall we.

How about the Golden Gate Bridge, opened in 1937 this bridge connected San Francisco to Marin County. At the time I guess it could have been called a Bridge to Nowhere, but look at the growth that happened after the bridge was finished!

What about all the bridges that are constructed down south right next to all ready existing bridges to replace them? That sounds like a waste of my tax money, but I guess those communities need those bridges.... just like we need ours.

There is a wealth of property just waiting for us, not to mention easier access to our airport. I say "Build the Bridge"!

Vanessa Nowland
Ketchikan, AK

About: "10 year resident of Ketchikan born and raised in Alaska."

Received March 04, 2008 - Published March 04, 2008


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