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RE: Oil rich Alaskans struggle to heat homes
By Mike Isaac


March 04, 2008
Tuesday PM

Melissa O'Bryan nailed it! In two short paragraphs Ms. O'Bryan said so much about the direction the Republican party is going and the self serving people that have taken it over. Heating oil (diesel fuel) and crude oil prices are all going up and a check from the government won't change that but might help the senator get re-elected.

As a Republican I hate the direction the party has gone. It used to be the party of private property rights, free speech, energy and business development and common sense. Today it is the party that tells you how to live your life (do as I say, not as I do), high but hidden taxes, cheap labor, outsourcing, big spending, Iraq and now global warming. Their ideas are almost the same, just look at McCain's voting record. Did you know you could have built 2,000 Gravina bridges at $250 million each with what has been spent on Iraq.

For six years this party had the House, Senate and White House and they could not even get one rig in ANWR. And for what? A Caribou -- a Polar Bear might get hurt? It's funny how coyotes and mountain lions are not bothered by oil rigs in this part of the country. And parents still send their kids to Beverly Hills High and there is a oil rig in the middle of the campus that puts out 182,000 barrels a year. In fact there are hundreds of wells all over that area and most people don't even notice them

Our current energy policy can't last for ever. As we send dollars overseas to buy oil, the value of the dollar drops with every tanker load causing food and other things needed for daily life to go up. We burn their oil and they invest the dollars. Its like a dog chasing its tail. Energy is the most vital part of any economy, without it you can't build or ship anything. Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric are great sources of green energy but they won't fly planes, heat my house or fill my gas tank. We need domestic oil and natural gas production and a new third party that is pro American and not afraid to poke holes in the ground or we will in time become a third world nation with houses we can't heat and cars we can't drive.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

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Received March 04, 2008 - Published March 04, 2008


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