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Exxon should accept responsibility
By Louise Clark


March 04, 2008
Tuesday PM

Dear Editor and Citizens of Alaska:

When a huge corporation such as Exxon has the audacity to show such reckless disregard for our beautiful state, the people the environment, and the wildlife it is my firm belief that, that corporation must be banned from doing any kind of business in this state ever again. If that is not possible they should be banished for a minimum of 50 years and then they must show good faith of their responsibility before being allowed back again. After all they are not the only oil company around, furthermore, I think all the people in the United States should band together and demand corporate responsibility for their actions because an oil spill is not the only disaster that can happen and Exxon is trying to set an example whereby a large corporation is not responsible no matter what they do.

On the subject of fuel, why can't we use some of the permanent fund and build our own pipe line. I do not like being beholden to any oil company for anything, look at the corrosion problems for instance. Also why do we need a pipe line to ship our fuel somewhere else so we can buy it back at exorbitant prices anyway? With the stock market in such turmoil and the fund losing money why not use it for something more tangible. The permanent fund may not be such a great idea anyway because a person with six or eight kids could move here and live on welfare for a year just to qualify for a dividend for each person in their family. Think about your tax dollars paying their welfare for a year while they wait to qualify for their permanent fund payment.

I was born in this great state and lived here most of my life and am tired of seeing people coming in and raping it and leaving with the money. My father (a halibut and cod fisherman for over 50 years) told me 50 years ago we have to stop the big ocean draggers, they destroy the bottom of the ocean where most species spawn. I have been told that is what has happened to our ooligan. The shrimp draggers were catching them for years as by catch but never reported it and simply tossed them away since there was no big money for them. Anyone interested in our fisheries should really read William McCloskey's book "Their Fathers' Work". This man actually fished the world over so for some very interesting reading enjoy.

Thank you for indulging my ranting but I just had to vent.


Louise Clark
Metlakatla, AK

Received March 04, 2008 - Published March 04, 2008


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