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Democrat Veep Remarks
By Mark Neckameyer


March 03, 2008
Monday AM

Ketchikan resident Noam Ploomb wonders if I will address his critique of my tongue in cheek recommendation of Fidel Castro to be the Democrat Veep and so I will. First of, it was clearly "tongue in cheek" as to be Vice President you have to be native born but I think I do have some logic and experience to share so here goes;

I think it would be great for everyone to have "universal health care" just like it would be wonderful for the treasury to send every American $1 million each birthday. Problem is is does not work! Universal Healthcare does not work in Cuba for sure. In Canada, if you get really ill you have to come here to escape the rationing of healthcare that "Universal" brings" like 3 months to get a CT-Scan. I have spent much time in the UK and have seen first hand how doctors leave the country after college and all they have left pretty much are low paid, third world doctors in the UK. People with really sick kids have to wait weeks to go to a doctor and if you are 65 and need a transplant .... You just have to die. Not enough health care to go around and their taxes are triple what ours are besides! With no profit incentive, the business of medicine fails but the rich there buy private insurance to escape the expensive poor health program they pay for.. The money is sucked up by bureaucrats and politicians. "To everyone according to their need and from everyone according to their ability" is a terrific philosophy, really is. Unfortunately as it worked out for the author, Karl Mark and the Communists it does not work in the real world. It doesn't! Of course really ill people should be treated, in a clinic maybe but citizens need to be motivated to get good jobs to buy first class insurance. Capitalism isn't perfect but what is better? Who is better Fed Ex or the US Post Office? Enough said!

We had to fight the war in Iraq like we had to fight Hitler and the Kaiser and the Cold War. It is our destiny and our mission as the only world superpower to free people and address tyranny. It keeps us free and safe too. When Bill Clinton scaled back the CIA, 9/11 happened. The terrorists are real. Muslim fanatics are real and have to be killed. Sorry. I'd rather seen it done in Iraq than in New York and Chicago. Proof? No attacks here the past 7 years, right? Spain, Italy, UK all attacked. We apparently have better leaders.

Dialogues with crazy world leaders like the little nut dictators in North Korea and Iran Obama style, no pre-agreements to get anything done, only enhances the crazy dictators world image and is bad policy.

I don't like nepotism in politics, sorry! I did not like it when Bush inherited the presidency and I don't like the idea that Hillary would be a complete unknown except for the fact that she was one of the women sleeping with Bill Clinton. I much more admire someone who makes it on their own ... Obama included. Don't you? Hillary Clinton, come on, be honest with yourself. If her name was "Hillary Smith" she'd be teaching school or working in a divorce law firm someplace in the midwest!!! She gets brownie points for being married to a philanderer and so people are sorry for her. No reason to vote for her though. If I were a Liberal I would vote Obama. He has very little experience so I have to vote for McCain. He will defend us better and that is job 1 in my opinion.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA


Received March 02, 2008 - Published March 03, 2008


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