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"Thinking about the real America"
By Bob Harmon


March 02, 2008
Sunday PM

I am a retired Alaska school teacher but I have lived and visited and vacationed around our great nation and I wonder about Mr Ferrall's "Brooklyn" being the "real America". It is a dank, brokendown city populated from what I saw by new immigrants who move out to Long Island, New York, California or Florida as soon as they learn English and learn a trade. Even their only decent sports team bailed on them 50 years ago.

Mr Ferrall likens Mark Neckameyer to David Duke, for geographic reasons I guess? Mr. Duke comes from North Carolina I believe which is much, much closer to Brooklyn than to California. It is Brooklyn where Blacks and Hasidic Jews fight and die and where Crips, Bloods and the Mafia control the streets. Sounds like Ferrall believe all Republicans are in the KKK? Guess the Brooklyn schools don't have much money to teach history or civics. Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves, remember?

I'll take the progresive cities of California like San Francisco and Newport Beach and Laguna and anyplace in Alaska over Brooklyn. Beautiful Orange County, California is personified by John Wayne. They even named their airport after that "Duke". Brooklyn on the other hand is best represented by the 5 mafia families and the Gottis. Brooklynites should not make fun of other Americans' home towns!

Bob Harmon
Juneau, AK

Received March 02, 2008 - Published March 02, 2008


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