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Beached Plane at Shoals Point Assisted by USCG


March 20, 2007
Tuesday AM

According to information released by the United States Coast Guard, an Air Station Kodiak HH-65 Dolphin helicopter transiting to from Canada to Sitka overheard an Emergency Locating Transmitter (ELT) as they were nearing Sitka. Shortly after hearing the signal and attempting to use their direction finding equipment to locate the source, a radio call came in from a small plane which had landed on the beach at Shoals Point on Sunday.

jpg plane

 Crewmembers from the Coast Guard Cutter Anacapa and a transiting Air Station Kodiak HH-65 assist the owner of a small plane which landed on the beach at Shoals Point Sunday.
Official U.S. Coast Guard photo

The owner of the plane was radioing to the 110-foot Coast Guard Cutter Anacapa, which was patrolling Sitka Sound, to see if he could get some assistance to move his plane up the beach away from the tideline. The two persons on board the plane were unharmed.

The Coast Guard helicopter landed on the beach and the Anacapa sent a small boat and crew over to assist as well. Together the crew was able to get the plane back up on its landing gear and move it up the beach away from the incoming tide. The helicopter then transported the two persons back to Sitka.



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