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Regular School Day At Schoenbar Thursday Says Superintendent


March 07, 2007
Wednesday PM

Ketchikan, Alaska - Thursday will be a regular school day for students attending Schoenbar Middle School according to a memo released by Superintendent Harry Martin this afternoon.

Absenteeism was high at Schoenbar Middle School Wednesday after leaks of a threatening message penciled in one of the bathrooms became public knowledge. According to the written message, there would be a shooting at the school on March 7th.

Questions were raised by some parents who chose to keep their children home from school on Wednesday as to why they weren't notified of the situation by the school district. In a letter to SitNews, Ketchikan resident Mike Ross said, "The school should have advised parents about this threat, and the fact that they did not is alarming!"

Regarding how the Schoenbar parents learned of the penciled threat, Shauna Lee wrote, "I simply can't believe that it had to be parents calling parents!"

Ketchikan resident Bob Grace wrote that he thought it was inappropriate to keep this kind of information from parents. Grace asked, "Why where the parents not notified? Why where the police not notified? "

According to Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett, an investigation by the Ketchikan Police Department on Wednesday did not find that the written threat was one with an intent to be carried out. Dossett added that two officers were located on the middle school campus Wednesday and officers would also be present Thursday.

Deputy Police Chief Dossett told SitNews the rumor circulating Wednesday that guns had been located at Schoenbar were untrue.

There were no comments regarding the incident in the memo released by Superintendent Martin Wednesday.



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