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Stand up and take a bow
By Judith Green


March 30, 2007

Thursday night, March 29, a large gathering of community was at the Schoenbar gymnasium. We were offered an hour and a half of free music.

Will the school music instructors please take a bow!

Dale Curtis, Trina Elliott, Mary Kurth, Sam Soderstrom, Tia Wilhelm, and the much appreciated accompanist Sara Corporon.

To the many young people who performed - BRAVO! Keep it up!

Accomplishments abounded with all the different groups.

I could understand all the words the choral groups sang;
I could hear all the instrumentation in the bands;
I could see that all were following the director.

There was a discipline very evident in all the groups, as they quietly waited their turn; quickly and without commotion took their places to perform, and then exited.

As well, there was a 'bounce' in their steps that indicated, "I like being here in this group".

Thank you to the school district administrators for:

keeping music alive and active in the lives of our young people;
giving time during the school's curriculum for students to participate;
hiring well qualified and dedicated musician/teachers.

As Mr Jack Shea reminded us, music in our schools, music in our lives, lends to health and good grades. And as was demonstrated tonight, brings a good community together to acknowledge and enjoy the effort and achievement.

A gymnasium usually lends itself to alot of ... well, noise (if you would). But the Schoenbar gym tonight rang with music, and we all enjoyed listening.

We heard that this was the 1st annual. Next year, be sure ... "you are there".

Judith Green
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 29, 2007 - Published March 30, 2007




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