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Superintendent Martin
By Amy T. Thompson


March 30, 2007

The members of the school board that voted to fire Mr. Martin should be ashamed of themselves. Your individualistic self serving attitudes made it impossible for him to perform his job to your satisfaction. A member of the community referred to you as incompetent and dysfunctional and I could not agree more. Your inability to commit to any cohesive direction created an impossible situation for the superintendent. The fact that Mr. Martin put up with you for as long as he has shows how dedicated he is to the children.

The school board is supposed to work as a cohesive whole for the betterment of the children, not to serve their personal agendas. To oust someone as knowledgeable, caring and capable as Mr. Martin, especially at this juncture of his contract, is ludicrous. With your history of lack of direction I wish you luck finding someone with any leadership skills. It is obvious you only want a minion to do your bidding.

I would like to extend my thanks and kudos to the three members who stood up and voted against the agenda item to terminate Mr. Martin. I would also like to thank Mr. Martin for his service to our community and our children. He will definitely be missed.

Amy T. Thompson
Ward Cove, AK

Received March 29, 2007 - Published March 30, 2007


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