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Thanks Ketchikan for your support
By Sara Sivertsen


March 29, 2007

To the community of Ketchikan,

My name is Sara Sivertsen and I am writing this article on behalf of my mother Marilyn DeYoung, and my family (Dennis, Heidi, Seth and Lorin DeYoung), and myself. I would like to start by thanking everyone for their continued support over the past six months. No words could describe the over whelming support this community has shown my family. From prayers and kind words to donations of air miles and financial contributions. We thank you all. My mom is a kind, compassionate person who has touched so many lives. To those of you who have never had the opportunity to meet her, here is her story.

Seven years ago my family and I moved to Ketchikan looking for a new start and to be closer to my mom s sister Angela Bergeron and her family. My mom worked as a hairdresser at Shear Magic and eventually at The Day Spa. My dad works for the State Department of Corrections. Two years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, right as my family was in the process of moving to Wasilla for my dads job transfer. After multiple surgeries and a series of radiation treatments, things began looking up. Life seemed normal again as my family began settling into a new town and new jobs.

Last September my husband Mark and I welcomed a baby girl into our family. With my mom by my side, she welcomed her first grandchild into the world. She was sad to leave but knew Christmas was right around the corner and would be together again. A week and a half after leaving Ketchikan to go back to Wasilla my mom began coming down with flu like symptoms. She went to the doctor and like she had suspected they said it was probably just the flu and to let it take its course. Two days later she could barley get out of bed. She went to the emergency room and our lives were forever changed. She was diagnosed with AML, a form of leukemia. She was in such bad condition they had to wait until she was stable enough to transport her to Seattle. That night they told my dad to go home with the family and they should prepare themselves.

This week my mom begins what we hope to be the last of many chemotherapy rounds, followed by a stem cell transplant. She will remain in Seattle for the next four to five months following the stem cell transplant. Family members will be taking turns providing care to her while in Seattle.

Through all of this my mom has remained strong. She is the bravest women I have ever met and I am so lucky to have her. I ask that you continue to keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers and I thank you again for your continued support.

An account has been set up at Wells Fargo under the name Mark Sivertsen in the account titled donation account for Marilyn DeYoung.

Sara Sivertsen
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 29, 2007 - Published March 29, 2007




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