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VA Hospitals, Health Care, Hillary...
By Rebecca Clark


March 29, 2007

Lewis and Levy are very entertaining to read; as well as informative. I must say my two cents though. I agree that our VA hospitals should be better kept and funded. I believe the money to do that comes from the defense budget. Maybe the Dems should quit cutting defense money? Everyone focuses on the money going to the troops in Iraq and the supplies needed; yes, the after care is included in that budget as well.

I pray to the Lord above that Hillary does not win this election! I would then have to agree with Mr. Lewis: our whole health care system will be one big fiasco (as the government would then have control of the "Universal Health Care System")! God help us all if that happens! I like my privilege to chose which physician I go to to receive care. I certainly don't want to be told to go to someone who could care less about my treatment because they are being shafted by "The Big Brother" funding fiasco!

Rebecca Clark
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 27, 2007 - Published March 29, 2007




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