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Re: Dog Breeders
By Margaret Cloud


March 29, 2007

Kara Jeanne Blazier is the typical backyard breeder: she points the finger at all others. Let's see, she has a mixed breed that is spayed yet breeds her papered dogs. I am sure she charges for those pups. Are the pups altered before they are sold? I doubt it. What if one her stock should end up in a pound - will she rescue that dog?

Even if there was a federal law requiring all dogs to be altered there would still be breeding dogs. It is not possible for 100% compliance because there are simply too many breeders who think they have the right to breed. Breeders say they do it for the love of the breed, but if this was so then they would give away the pups, not charge, and they would rescue all dogs in need. Nope, it is all for the money.

If anyone feels the need for a pure bred dog, go to and do a search. There are thousands of dogs needing homes. Most will die before a home is found. Right now there are 115,884 dogs listed and thousands more are at pounds that do not use Petfinder. There are 1,185 Rat Terriers listed - some will be pure bred and some may be mixes. Most will not find homes but will be killed. Some are undoubtably dogs that Kara Jeanne Blazier created or the offpring of her dogs. She is part of the problem.

Rescue a dog slated for death and have a true friend. Refuse to deal with any breeders. Encourage everyone to alter all dogs and cats, even the pure bred. It is the socially responsible thing to do.

Margaret Cloud
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 29, 2007 - Published March 29, 2007

About: "A socially responsible person who refuses to deal in selling living creatures."



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