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Puppymills and Breeders
By Maggie Garmle


March 29, 2007

I totally agree with Margaret Cloud - It is long overdue to DUMP THE BREEDERS of 'designer dogs'. If you must have a 'designer dog' go to the Shelters and rescue groups across the U.S. and SAVE a life. You will find many 'breeder throw aways' there. Their only flaw is that they are not 'show quality'. Why encourage the addition of more dogs that are not 'show' quality and are sold to Pet Stores or dumped into shelters? Take the time to look at the statistics on how many animals are euthanized on a daily basis and take the time to speak out against the gassing chambers in the South - put your money where your mouth is! If you prefer to 'line the pockets' of all the 'breeders' to enrich their lives with $$$$$ I believe you have cold ice running through your veins - as cold as theirs runs. Do you sleep well at night? The animals on 'death row' don't. If you have read the stories published on the Amish puppymill in Bland, VA where the 167 puppies and dogs burned to death, you would understand that they made a conscious decision to breed for income. Quote: "We sell mostly to brokers or to pet stores," (Philip) Schmucker explained. "There's one in New York, one in D.C., and one in Beckley, West Virginia." Another Quote: "Philip Schmucker said he wishes the people speaking out would have visited his kennel before condemning it. "We're all for raising healthy pets." "Don't people realize someone has got to raise them?" (Source: The Roanoke Times March 22, 2007 URL: SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT?

I live in NY and I am ashamed that my state still buys puppies and sells them in pet stores and that people in this state still get a 'rush' when they 'roll out' the big bucks or 'swipe' their credit cards for a designer dog when at that very moment, 5 more dogs and 8 more cats are taking their last breath.

Maggie Garmle
Troy, NY

Received March 27, 2007 - Published March 29, 2007

About: "I volunteer as an animal cruelty caseworker 70 hous a week - that's a SEVEN day week - no time off, compliments of puppymill breeders and perps. In my lifetime I have raised 63 rescued dogs over a span of 40 years and am now down to my final 5 - held back only by age and financial ability to give them the best life possible. In my home we are now sharing the final 'golden years' in peace."



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