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By Kerry Watson


March 29, 2007

I just had to come to the defense of Kara Jeanne Blazier (see the letters on dog breeding on this site). I don't know that writing to this forum about a specific individual is appropriate, but the letters regarding this subject were somewhat accusatory so I felt compelled.

Kara was one of the first individuals I met when I moved to Ketchikan as a teen. Our first conversation was indicative of her interests, as she asked if I had any pets, and did I like animals. Although I haven't seen her for number of years, I know Kara's character hasn't changed and that she would lovingly and conscientiously care for all of her animals - whether they are her own pets, or whether she is breeding them for sale.

I don't doubt the accuracy of much of Mrs. Cloud's statistics, and I appreciate her passion and concern for this subject. I've seen the disturbing TV segments on puppy mills as well; and I am aware that there are too many people who are not responsible, caring pet owners. However, Kara Jeanne is not one of those.

Please, when we contribute to this forum let's try to temper our strong feelings for a subject so that we neither make generalizations nor statements which could be construed as personal attacks on an individual.

Kerry Watson
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 27, 2007 - Published March 29, 2007




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