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Dog Breeders
By Kara Jeanne Blazier


March 27, 2007
Tuesday PM

In response to Margaret Cloud: It is obvious that Ms.Cloud is very passionate about her cause and that is wonderful. Might I suggest rather than attacking responsible breeders, calling them liars and calling for the demise of all pure breed dogs (which is just ludicrous in my opinion) you concentrate on properly educating the public on the benefits of spaying and neutering...maybe you could use your time to fight for the banning of puppy mills. You would probably get a lot further in the fight if you could figure out how to do it without attacking fellow dog lovers in fact you might find you have a lot of common ground with responsible dog breeders.

I agree with you that not all breeders are responsible. What makes someone irresponsible in my opinion? Anyone who operates a puppy mill for one. A breeder who knowingly breeds inferior dogs or dogs who do not keep within the ideal for their breed. Breeders who breed ONLY to make money. Families who decide to breed at least once so their kids can experience it. Breeders of the so-called DESIGNER dogs (i.e. Chi-Weenies, Pug-a-Poos, Jack-Rats, etc.) I have personally turned away people who have wanted to use my stud dog to breed to their un-papered dog - that defeats my purpose of assuring our breed remains pure and true.

For the record: We have never, EVER dumped any of our puppies alongside a road or shot or drowned them as you suggest....because I own my breeding pair I am assured that I am not breeding aggressive or inferior puppies And no, Margaret, it is NOT impossible to predict the characteristics of the pups as you say, that is where a good breeding program comes in to play, in fact all our puppies show the traits exclusive to the Rat Terrier, from their prancing gait and mischievous ways to their exceptional intelligence and prey instinct. Though it is obvious you would rather believe otherwise the fact is we love our dogs and would never put them in an unsuitable home - As a RESPONSIBLE breeder I assure that my pups go to good homes, this is very important to me. Our pups are raised in our household and I make it my responsibility that our puppies are properly vaccinated, wormed and socialized before leaving our care in fact there was one instance where a pup was seriously injured and we refused to let her leave our care until our veterinarian was able to say with certainty she was healed and whole. Another time we kept a puppy until she was well past the usual time to go on to her new home as I found out in the process of talking to her new owner they had recently lost a puppy to Parvo, in order to assure this pup was not put into danger we opted to make sure she had ALL of her shots and some age on her before letting her move to her new home now tell me how, as a breeder, I don t care about our pups or I am only in it for the money. I know for a fact that I am not the only breeder who takes the responsibility very seriously.

I wish you luck in your fight Margaret and know you are fighting for a noble cause, but I strongly suggest you find another way to sell your message.

Kara Jeanne Blazier
Weiser, ID

Received March 26, 2007 - Published March 27, 2007

About: " Owner of 1 breeding pair of Registered Rat Terriers and one mixed breed dog who was found abandoned down by the river (she had been shot in the head with a .22) - as responsible dog owners we had her SPAYED, all our dogs are very much loved and a integral part of our family."


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