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The best dog...
By Dain Ellis


March 27, 2007
Tuesday PM

The best dog I have ever known , was one people in the breeding world call a misfit. Well my Dog Oreo, has been a Dream , and I got another named Brownie , and he is just as good as a cookie , What I am trying to say is, look to the shelters , there are so many mixed "ice cream and candy" , and truly, they're the Dogs that will be there when you need them , and don't have to look pretty , and don't need papers to help ya out . They are probably the best you can get and not pay a dime for. And is it not so sad that there are so many dogs just waiting to be saved, and cost next to nothing , yet people pay hundreds to get a dog , that is not by their means a true Breed., And what is a true Breed? Papers? Heck I need no papers to tell me my dogs have good intentions , and to show me they love me , and will protect me to the end .

GO to your animal shelter , and adopt , and if you don't want a dog , donate $$ to your nearest shelter and I am truly sure the animals will not turn it away.

Heads up, some of the most famous animals were non breed . So I guess you get my point , . but if you don't, those little ones who were thought to have have had a lineage, and found they did not , what happens to them? Go figure.

The animal shelter also has beautiful kittens and cats that also are not true breeds, but that's where you find the best.

Dain Ellis
Decorah, Iowa

Received March 26, 2007 - Published March 27, 2007




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