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Daylight Savings Time
By Ken Levy


March 24, 2007

In response to Ken Lewis let me say that the right wing in the Republican Party came alive while Reagan was President.George Walker Bush will go down in history as our worst President passing Hoover who drove America into the Great Depression.Bush invaded the wrong country,was told by many very smart people not to invade Iraq yet he lied to the American people,telling them the conflict would take a few weeks and would solve all our problems.That few week conflict is now starting on 5 years,with over 3,200 dead American soldiers and thousands coming home with no arms,legs,and head injuries that will last for years.Bin Laden is still free and Iran which he should have invaded is on the verge of war.

Countries have been fighting wars in the Middle East for thousands of years,no one ever wins.Iran and Iraq fought a 10 year war.Who won? No one won.

Bush was elected in 2000 in a crooked election with brother Jeb fixing things in Florida along with Katherine Harris.Kerry lost another close election in 2004 with Ohio fixing their votes with election machines with no way to recount.All the officials from that election from the Governor of Ohio all the way down to the local election people running the show are gone.They were found to be in scandals bigger than the State of Alaska.Kerry lost Ohio by 1,204 votes out of millions cast.

Bush has spent so much on the war in Iraq that America has gone to the dogs.Just ask the people of New Orleans who are still sitting in the toxic waste dump left after Katrina.Their is no money to rebuild New Orleans.And as for the Congress helping our soldiers now in Iraq,they have no choice.But they can cut off funding for Bush's plan to send 30,000 new troops to Iraq.

He may be a sitting President,but he has little power with the democrats in power both in the house and senate.

The American people spoke in 2006.They said to George Walker Bush."End this war now".He has ignored the people and I predict his failures will cost his party in 2008.

I see Hillary winning with Bill Richardson from New Mexico as VP.

If our troops are still sitting in the sand by then she will bring them home.She voted to send them in 2002 which was a mistake,however no one knew that Bush and Chenney lied even to the Congress on what was really going on in Iraq.

England will start pulling her troops out of Iraq this May,soon we will be sitting in the sand pretty much alone.

As for Walter Reed Hospital,its only the tip of the iceberg.Their are many VA hospitals across America that are under funded.So again Bush has failed.He has failed in every way and every thing he has done since taking office in January 2001.That was a very black day in America.

The American people have been asleep for the last 6 years,but I believe the sleeping bear has woke up.When a Democrat running for the Senate in Montana WINS like he did in 2006 the country is ready for a major change.

Montana is a RED state,very republican,and yet those cattle farmers said its time for a major change.

And as far as Daylight Savings time,well like I said,every state can make a choice.They don't have to go along with what Washington says.Arizona and Hawaii never change their time and planes fly to both states as far as I know.

When less than 49% of Americans vote in a major election that means 51% are sitting and watching.

In Iceland 90% of their people voted in the last election.

What does that tell you? I don't have an answer for that question.

But the bottom line is that if we are sending our troops into hell to fight than we as a country should give those soldiers the very best care money can buy when they return home.

Ken Levy

Received March 21, 2007 - Published March 24, 2007



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