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How Ketchikan "used to be"
By Jeanine Miller


March 24, 2007

I also had the privilege to visit Sitka during a business trip last fall. I must say I was VERY impressed by the shops and just how clean their city was. I didn't even see gum on their sidewalks; there was no stray dogs running loose, no garbage on the sidewalks or in the easements. It was beautiful.

It was great to walk downtown from my hotel and be welcomed by the shops and the people of the town, you don't see that in the winter months around Ketchikan that's for sure, more of a ghost town in the fall.

I grew up in Ketchikan and I remember how downtown was more for the locals than the visitors. It is very sad to have to tell my children how Ketchikan "used to be".

One last note, since the topic of jewelry stores came up in Sarah Corporon's letter, the amount of "Jewelry" stores in Ketchikan is absolutely absurd! I have heard that Juneau has an ordinance to how many jewelry stores there can be in certain distance radiance to one another and I strongly think this is something Ketchikan should put into effect immediately.
It would sure be nice to get OUR town back.

Jeanine Miller
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 21, 2007 - Published March 24, 2007

About: "Born and Raised in Ketchikan; Mother of 2 children"



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