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Re: IT errors at PFD
By Glen Thompson


March 24, 2007

It is apparent from the description of the event that except for the hard errors, the problems resulted from human error. It also appears that the procedures were adequately changed to prevent a repeat performance... My only question is why weren't all the LUNs backed up before rebinding? The manual/partial backup of the raid partitions when the virtual drives could not be specifically mapped to the LUNs should have indicated the need for a full database backup prior to the rebind (or any component replacement of the raid).

Yea, I been there... Live and learn.


Glen Thompson
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 23, 2007 - Published March 24, 2007

About: "Local business owner, politician, and gadfly but also perhaps one of the few who actually understood the article having spent too many years behind a keyboard and digging thru the guts of computer systems? "


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