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New airport in lieu of bridge
By Edward Brown


March 24, 2007

A new airport built to the north of Ketchikan would cost about 1/2 of what a new bridge would cost. It would also wipe out the current desire for a bridge. The existing airport could become a small and private plane domain or a back up landing spot when weather socks the other airport in.

Overheading Ketchikan because of poor weather might turn into a landing option with two airports. Hooray!!! Then the controversy of a "bridge to nowhere" would finally be neutered. And better yet, Mr. Hoff would have to pick a new ox to gore.

Building an airport where it resides today was a way of causing people to desire a bridge as the only answer. It has become one of the biggest pain in the neck experiences in flying into any airport. This is proof of local politics decided by politicians doing it for the "good of the people". Wrong.

Like a bull attracted by the bullfighters red cape, the people of Ketchikan only see the red cape of a hard to get to airport. A ferry wait, toll and then a long haul walk with luggage awaits visitors there in Ketchikan. Double that experience by going both directions. There is no great memories of such experiences. 

Name the current airport in honor of Senator Ziegler. I pretty sure he was the bull fighter I  wrote about earlier.  Then do not ever consider naming the new airport for any Murkowski.  Palin International has a nice ring though. Especially if she got behind this writer's suggestion.

Forget about the nationally embarrassing bridge and build a new convenient airport where it should of been built long ago.

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

Received March 21, 2007 - Published March 24, 2007

About: "AK and former resident of Gateway City,non partisan "Landing on the wrong islands airport makes for a negative memory of the 1st city"."



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