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By Ken Bylund


March 22, 2007
Thursday AM

Global Warming might be real, may plunge our planet into the next ice age; but no predictors of weather point to the real cause; Our Species is consuming the earth, carbon, protein, nutrients, all the raw materials and other economic resources. Until the grinning, back-slapping politicians who profit from ever "expanding consumerism" see the end of the road square in the headlights, their self-enriching policies will continue until we all go over the cliff.

Global warming is just a warning... the movers and shakers see it as the big problem [opportunity]; as if, all we have to do is curtail our energy expenditure, we can all dodge this bullet, nod our heads and go back to happy trails on our search for civilized behavior. And if we sell our carbon credits to Lower Slobovia, why everything will be fine; does anyone think Lower Slobovia won't take their windfall and buy those SUVs [etc.] and... well, you get the picture?

The World Population Information is our best clue to a disaster, one that Mr. Gore seems to miss in his presentation. [] Mr. Gore said today that the rate of world population increase is leveling off, but look at the Annual Population Change: 1950 - 2050 [chart] then the World Population; 1950 ­ 2050 [chart] on the website... our planet is increasing by almost 70 million per year - until 2025 to just under 50 million a year by 2050. More than likely going to go on and on and on... 6 1/2 billion today.

Okay, 9 1/2 billion consuming the resources of an already stressed planet by 2050? So, what will be left in five hundred years? See any future for the Brazilian Rain Forest or the Rain Forests of Alaska? The World will look like Haiti seen in Mr. Gore's, Inconvenient Truth and Google Earth. The inhabitants won't be clear-cutting anymore; likely they'll be mining the roots and stumps out of barren ground and think this is normal. This is not about clear-cutting or Forestry Products.

So what are politicians? When and how do they turn into Ghouls? Most are just the sacrificial [elected] goats we yell at to the amusement of the real rulers of the universe. Leaders, or despotic power brokers, public and private? The Exxon's yes, but also the CNNs, FOX, NBC, ABC etc. Liberal and Conservative, and more often than not, Career Managers of that General Fund, that pile of treasure that Lobbyists, Lawyers and Merchants who make the rules, then stretch them to their immediate favor... and they are taking us on this ride with claims of, 'we know best'.

Yes, it sure is about the children so what will it be like in five hundred years, in two hundred or in a hundred years? Is the > Population of H. s. sapiens just going to fix itself? Does anyone think his or her politician will fix anything? If you are a Democrat or a Republican, an Independent, Communist, Royalist, Anarchist, Pacifist, Green Peace or Forest Product Specialist, any of the above... time to realize, you, and we, are all in the same boat and there is no getting off.

Ken Bylund
Ketchikan. AK

Received March 21, 2007 - Published March 22, 2007



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