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Daylight savings time & government health care...
By Ken Lewis


March 21, 2007
Wednesday AM

Ken Levy, the Public Education Department would not let me flunk history because that would mean tolerating me for another year. Do you blame them? Day Light Savings Time affects the nation equally; changing one State's time zone as I was talking about is not the same issue. And was an independent change to this state only. It is possible that the vast rightwing Reagan may have been distracted with that little Communistic Wall thing to focus on the Democrat controlled daylight deprivers.

Southeast Alaska was a nuisance to fly over in 1983 when traveling from Anchorage to Washington DC. It was an hour loss to the valuable commuter that if adjusted, could be taken out of the hides of those below, and so it was. Convenience to travelers overhead took priority over local use of daylight on the ground. Get it yet? If not, you could have been President of my High School. Most of us were too busy watching the Hells Angels rumble by to run for office.

I suppose my version of history is incorrect about Kennedy (the party of the environmentalist) approving the use of Agent Orange, and Nixon (the party of disenfranchisement) giving the 18 year olds the vote. Mat Lauer will not remind me of that history. I just hope no one outs that CIA agent on Alias, what's next? I suppose Timmy and Lassie did not save the circus monkey from the mine shaft?

The main stream media beating down of the present Commander and Chief reminds me of a pack of wolves going after a lame duck, when a kitten with a limp could do the same. Bush is not running for President, but connecting the dots of crime and the rightwing party is the job of every journalist. Especially those journalists that daily get a pay check via Hollywood and live vicariously through the guy in Tiananmen Square that is. There is a much more conclusive way to connect those dots. Ask 100 thousand incarcerated felons what political party they prefer. Dots connected. Disclose the results and let those results affect the next election. Or wag my dog with a chronic drip. If the Democrats can pull the funding for the war then why don't they? Is it because they would have to blame themselves, if it is a historical blunder someday?

The Forgotten Heroes, blame of Bush, is a choice to blame Bush! If this coming October I do not direct my Perm Fund check to a busted up Walter Reed Veteran, I have no right to blame anyone but myself. How many Alaskans are in Walter Reed? And what good could be done for them if 5 percent of Alaskans directed their checks towards building them homes specifically designed for their needs, and sent them back to their families. An act like that would tell the rest of the nation that there is an alternative to blaming Bush. So is government health care not good enough? What kind of Health Care do Edwards, Hillary and Obama preach? I think it is Walter Reed for all, if my ears are not mistaken.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 20, 2007 - Published March 21, 2007




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