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Too many pit mixes in town
By Tammy Sivertsen


March 19, 2007
Monday AM

What is wrong with some of the people in this town? I just don't understand...

Why do people think when they buy a ''pit bull'' from a breeder in town without papers for $200.00 to $400.00 they are getting a deal? Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but they are mutts. I am so upset that people would do this, look at all the dogs that are here.

I hate it when someone comes up to me and looks at my dog and then asks me, 'oh, do you want to breed with my dog'?? I ask them where did you get your dog. 90% of the time I tell them no, your dog is a mutt. They tell me, no it is not. Then I tell them about the parents of their dog , and I tell them ,look at your dog, look at mine. Do you see the difference? Some times they will say I can't believe I have a mutt. You are right.

I hate it when I am walking my dog Tonka, and they tell me he is a nice looking pit. I tell them no, he is a mutt. Then they say no he is not. There is 1 litter out there now that are mutts, so that is 8 more mutts that people are going to breed - and 3 more litters that will be out in a few months, and they will be mutts too. None of them were bred to my male Grizzly. I could not believe that some one told me that he was going to get one of Grizzly's pups. The guy was so happy. He told me the name of the female dog that Grizzly bred with. I told him that Grizzly did not breed with that mutt . He said that it was a great price for a pup from my dog. I told him people will do anything for money.

I want everyone to understand that I will never breed my dogs to a mutt. Yes I have American pit bull terries, they have papers and come from a very very good bloodline. When i do have puppies .. all of my pups will have contracts and people will have the true American pit bull terriers not mutts.

This is what I don't understand. People that are buying the mutts are getting ripped off. Yard breeders are giving people like me a bad name. There are a lot of back yard breeders in this town. So please , please don't buy a dog without papers. If the parents don't look like pits, then they are not pits. We don't need more mutts in this town breeding with other mutts. Help the American pit bull terrier and please make the breed better by not breeding them to mutts. If you want, I will help you find a true American pit bull terrier ... just ask me.

Tammy Sivertsen
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 16, 2007 - Published March 19, 2007




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