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Downtown Sitka
By Sarah Corporon


March 19, 2007
Monday AM

I had the privilege of attending the Southeast Basketball tournament last weekend in Sitka. I went as a Pep Band chaperone. The kids all had a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy Sitka. Thank you Sitka for hosting all our kids and providing us with a nice town to visit.

One comment I would like to make regarding Sitka is that most of the shops downtown are open year 'round. What a pleasure it was to visit these shops. There may have been one "jewelry" store that I saw that was shut down for the winter, but other than that, most stores would and do appeal to both Alaskans and visitors to Alaska alike.

It would be so nice to see our downtown be more like Sitka's, but I have heard from several that "it's too late". What a shame.

I have always enjoyed "downtown shopping" and would rather do that than visit a mall any day.

I hope in the future Ketchikan can turn back the time and get back some of that downtown shopping feeling that we can all enjoy.

Sarah Corporon
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 16, 2007 - Published March 19, 2007

About: "Mom of 4, enjoying chaperoning various trips."



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