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Gravina Views
By Robert McRoberts


March 19, 2007
Monday AM

Everyone has a opinion, but only few will ever voice their's -- and I know you like to read Viewpoints. Things would really be different if you truly knew how all the others really feel on the subjects we opine on. I was always a quiet person, until I learned some people do like what I have to say some times. And sometimes it makes you mad. So now to stir things up -- i would like to express my view on Gravina.

I wrote a few years ago that we shouldn't mess up our front yard. We all enjoy the Gravina view and to go over there and start logging in front of every one, you have to expect that there are going to be lots of people that don't like it. Most of us understand that it's needed. But i really don't like looking at logging on on somewhere that I enjoy so much as a natural view. Is it progress? Everything changes! It's only going to get worse because of stupidity. I under stand the mill needs logs. Sealy's mill employs families that live, own and rent homes here. He sells a finish product, that is shipped out bringing money back to our state. Whether you like the mill or not, it is employing Alaskans all year long. Better than most tourist shops downtown.

Maybe the logging road to Bostwick was not permitted properly but it's not our fault. Thank our ex governor. It's just the way he did things. But to Mr. Vickrey, you should have been there in the beginning not there when it's almost done. The money is already spent. Wouldn't that just be a waste of two million bucks? Maybe we were all made to believe that we were going to get to use that road. And we will. I have been on that road and I have seen what you call damage. But if there is any one person that can clean it up, it's me. Just give me half a million and I can take what's there and make it wonderful -- except for the stump of course. But in 30 years they will hide themselves. So quit acting like a fool. Concentrate your powers to stop the round log exporting. that's what's doing the damage to our resources.

The Forest service they should be concentrating on connecting the roads on this island and along the way to Petersburg. Give us real recreational areas -- more hunting and fishing. You're going to open up Gravina and there will not be a deer left on that island. Look how many people are running up and down Brown mountain road. I've only seen one deer in that whole area in 30 years and that was when I burned up a belt on my snow machine. The deer scared me as much as I scared him.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 13, 2007 - Published March 19, 2007

About: "I grew up a fisherman and became a logging road builder 25 years ago. I have made big messes and cleaned them up for myself and others for many years. I can take you to some of the most beautiful areas on this island that would have never been enjoyed by others. Dug over 200 miles of road on this island alone."



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