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By Ken Levy


March 19, 2007
Monday AM

Ok, we are now going on 3 1/2 months with no Airport Shuttle service. Does anyone in this town really care about this service? After many letters were written back in January, now we have total silence. The only way to get local government in Ketchikan to act is to keep calling and writing letters. Local cabs want $70.00 to take you over to the airport from your home.

They really could care less that so many need this service. For a little town we sure do little to help our elderly and our folks with disabilities that are stuck between a rock and a hard place. For once I'd like to see local government get off their behinds and settle this problem. Not everyone can afford to park at the airport. Not everyone has a family member to drive them over and back. We are the First City in Alaska to the outside world. Why can't we start acting like it. I know it's all about money ,but everything in this town is all about money. Meanwhile nothing is getting done, or at least no one seems to know anything.

Does anyone in local government care? I'd sure like to have that question answered. And I'd sure like to see more folks in this town get involved.

After all you live here. Speak up.

Ken Levy

Received March 13, 2007 - Published March 19, 2007



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