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If the speed limit in Ketchikan is too slow for you...
By Janelle Hamilton


March 14, 2007
Wednesday AM

Today at lunch time I passed a car wreck. It appeared that the small car rear ended the truck. On the way back to work, only the small car was still on the road, the young lady had red eyes making me think that she was responsible for the car wreck. I have noticed that in this town, especially at the lunch hour, you really need to be vigilant driving thru town. The pace is fast and if you are not careful, you too can rear end the car in front of you. I really try to give people space, especially when the road conditions aare bad. I try to stick to the speed limit when I am driving. I notice that even when I am going the speed limit some people will be right on my tail and some eventually will pass me.

Yes, I am the yellow truck going the speed limit and I am not going to go faster just because you are in a hurry. I have never been ticketed for speeding (knock on wood) and hope to never get a speeding ticket, if I do, it's for an emergency and justified, at least in my mind.

So, to the drivers who read SitNews, the next time you are on my tail, go around as I am not going to speed up for you and if the speed limit in Ketchikan is too slow for you, move to the city!

Janelle Hamilton
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 13, 2007 - Published March 14, 2007

About: "I live out north and work on the south end, I put in a lot of miles each day."




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